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Monday, November 1, 2010

Tilda Rose Christmas Stocking

As you, my regular readers know I love Tilda. I have the Tilda Christmas book. This stocking is a pattern from it. The rose is embroidered with Tilda threads.

The fabric for the turnover top is also a Tilda fabric.

I do not have the plywood skate for the bottom of the stocking but my husband says he can make me one.. so we will see.
The stocking isnt very big.. just a cute size to have hanging off a doorknob or something like that.

 A closer look 


marina said...

the rose fabric is just beautiful.

Sarah - Red Gingham said...

Oh a skate would be so cute. Your stocking is just beautiful as are all your pretty Tilda makings. Love that rose fabric very much.

Unknown said...

It's so cute :) I love tilda fabrics! and a skate would be perfect, but I like it as it is, too.

Unknown said...

Ilove your pretty stocking , the colours are just perfect !

Elena said...

It's so cute!!!!

H.T. said...

It is so nice and pretty-sweet colours-of course-in Tilda's style:-)
A very nice rose has been attached to them.You are so creative!
Regards-from HalinaDK-

Aldina said...

Hi Lisa,
so pretty your Tilda's stocking in your favourite colours, I love it :-)
big Hugs

Leanne said...

It looks gorgeous! Where do you get the Tilda fabric from? I've googled it and I can't find it here in Australia.

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