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Monday, April 2, 2012

Tilda Bunny Sew Along Part 3

 Part 3
How to sew Pantaloons
How to make the bunny hat

If you want to add braid or trim to the bottom of the pantaloons now is the time to do it
before you  sew the pants together
Put fabric right sides together and sew the curve

 Turn pants out so the pant legs can be sewn up as photo above

Put fabric right sides together
Sew around the hat shape leaving the bottom unsewn as seen in  the photo above

turn the hat out, with right side out, as shown above
Now fold the fabric inside the hat, through the hole, keep pushing the fabric through having a folded edge (this is the brim of the hat), this forms like a cup as seen above in the photo.

Hat finsihed... I sewed a button in the middle of the hat, decorate as you please

Put the finished pants onto your bunny and handsew the on around the waist

Cut out the skirt
Sew the braid etc onto the bib before attaching it to the skirt
Sew the seam for the skirt
Cut out the straps for the dress as instructed in the book

Pin the dress on to your bunny, pleating or making tucks as shown in the photo

continue to pin around the front too

 Sew up your clothes around the top of the skirt and then sew down the straps

Embroider the nose on and draw the eyes onto the face with a waterproof pen

Your bunny is finished!

 Happy Sewing


Anonymous said...

oh Lisa this is the cutest bunny i have ever seen,thankyou so very much for explaining the hat,now i must get onto my bunny.xx

Millie en Miles said...

Very Cute !!! lovely colors and good explanation

Blue Lavender said...

Hello Lisa,
Your bunny is lovely, and also I want to thank you for this wonderful SAL, I already finished mine just in case you would like to visit my blog and see it, I really enjoyed it a lot, Happy Easter,
Laura :0)

Alicia said...

Muy linda y la explicación muy clara

Little Penpen said...

toooo cute!!

Gayle said...

Beautiful Bunny, so cute !!

Wendy said...

Beautiful bunny Lisa, I love the colours you have chosen.

Anonymous said...

yay lisa so scared to do the bunny because of the clothes haha seriously i suck at shorts must try and make a bunny !!

desenhos para patchocolagem said...

Parabens! Este coelho é lindo! Quero faze-lo! Bjos! Sonia Leite - Guarulhos-Brasil

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