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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tilda Bunny Sew Along Part 2

 Make sure all sewn pieces are pressed
Stuff the head firm but not tight firm to the neck
Fold the ears  in half to find the middle. Use a pin to mark.  Place the centre of the ears where the seam is...see photo above. Hand sew the ears to the head. I did not do this neatly as they will not be seen.

Stuff the rest of the body

Now stuff the legs and arms. As you can see in the photo, I use a doctors tool to stuff my dolls
You can use a skewer or knitting needle but this is fiddly.

Fold the bottom of the body as shown.
Place the leg as hard up to the side seam of the body as you can get.
Pin through all layers

 This is how it should look

Sewing on the arms is the same as the doll. 
Fold the edges inwards. The will form a flat edge, as shown in the photo. Pin

Sew from the top in small stitches so they cannot be seen as per the photo.
Sew all around the arm... Do not sew too tightly under the arm, as the arm will have no mobility

Sew the legs in. I stitched each leg right around... then I sewed the middle up from one leg to another.

Your Bunny is all ready to dress.

Next week we will dress our bunnies.

As you know mine is finished. I will show you how to show the hat. The book does not explain how to do it that well. Its not hard when you see it in a photo.

Happy sewing 


Linda H said...

Lisa, I enjoy Tilda also and just purchased 3 Tilda books. What fun to have a sew along with the bunny. I'll try and catch up with you this week.

Linda H

Anonymous said...

must try and get my bunny ready on the weekend,thankyou Lisa for the tutorial and i am so glad you are going to show us how to make the hat.xx

Blue Lavender said...

Hi Lisa,
I already did part 2 of my Bunny, and I cut the clothes and the hat, so far is been so easy to make,I guess mine will be ready very soon,

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