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Mum's Old Recipe Folder Recipes

Mums Old Recipe Folder 

This folder was given to my mum 54 years ago by my dad
 (who passed away on April 3 2014) 

Dad gave it to mum so she could write her recipes down. Inside this folder is many old ideas and recipes handwritten by my Great Grandmother,  my Grandmother and many friends and neighbors my parents had over the years.

I asked mum to keep this recipe book and give it to me when she no longer needed it... she was under strict instructions not to ever throw it away.

Back when I was young it was a common practice for young mums, neighbour's and friends to share their favorite recipes. 

On this page will be listed all the recipes I make from this folder.


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c said...

my mom died and never wrote down her receipes and I have been looking for one like her fruitcake. the base is like this is seems like (color) and if you have one, that also is saturated in rum or whiskey I would endeavor to have it to make it. THANKS (aka kingcooper0001@aol.com)

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