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Tilda patterns are so cute and alot of fun to make
This page is for links to DIY or "how to make" Tilda patterns.

How to make a Tilda Angel 
Part 1
Click HERE To visit the page

How to Stuff you Angel or Doll
Part 2
Click HERE to visit the page

How to sew on the arms and legs
Click HERE to visit

How to Do Tilda Doll Hair
Part 3
Part 3
Click HERE to visit the page

How to do a Tilda Doll face without the paint kit
Part 4
Click HERE

Making the Tilda Angel Wings 
Part 5
and dressing your doll
Part 5
Click HERE

Tilda Bunny

Starting you Bunny, sewing and cutting out instructions
Part 1
Tilda Bunny Sew Along Part 1
Click HERE for Part 1

Stuffing and sewing up your Tilda Bunny
Part 2

Click HERE

Dressing your bunny and How to make the Hat
Part 3

Click HERE

Finished Bunny


more tutorials will be coming this year.


Sarina said...

Thank you for the tutorials.Ik really like the dolls.


lilybets said...

I do love the bunny!!! Thank you very much for these tutorials,they are beautiful!

Sande said...

Where do you get the pattern for Tilda?

Tina said...

Hi Lisa! Thanks for following, your blog is lovely as well! Your tutorials are inspiring me so much! I really want to try to make the Tilda bunny rabbit for my daughters nursery.

Anonymous said...

thank you for these tutorials...the hair got me!

James said...

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