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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Colour Swap as arrived and another purse.

What a wonderful surprise I received in the post.
My swap partner was Aldina click HERE to visit her blog

Aldina took into consideration my love of Tilda.
I received 

A gorgeous bag made from Tilda fabrics

A cross-stitched Welcome, with a wooden Tilda house..ohh so gorgeous!

Aldina does the most gorgeous painting...
Here is the lid to my tea cup...

I just love it to bits! It has a strainer inside and Aldina sent me some Homeopathy natural tea to use with it.
some chocolates.. I forgot to take a photo of these

A hanging heart and a braid holder with two pins with polymer clay tops.. I love these too!!

Some lovely lace, a handpainted pink bell (ohhh so sweet) a cameo and some Tilda ribbon.. YUMMY!

A gift from Aldinas holiday destination.. I collect thimbles... the box is delightful! 
And last but NOT least.. a handmade card with Tilda! 

Thank you Aldina for making this so special for me.

Also, I have made another one of my Quick and Easy Purses.

This one is made from Leicen made in Japan fabrics. I used a wooden button that was purchased on our recent trip to Australia.

I will be putting up a tutorial for this purse in the next little while. I have taken the photos and just need to organise it. I have had a bad headache the last few days so when Im feeling abit better I will do that for you. I have made two different sizes. This one is slightly bigger than the other one I made the other day. I would imagine that once you have made one you will make many more as they are very very quick. 

Take care


Angels Come to Play said...

Hi Lis tis Shelley here. Your blog is amazing. You are one lucky girl with all those special gifts you received.
Warm wishes from Aus.

Cat said...

Wow what an amazing swap package you received. Your partner certainly knew you well xxx

marina said...

How wonderful. Your gifts are amazing!

Sarah - Red Gingham said...

I've tried to send you an email but it won't accept your address. Very strange. Anyway thanks so much for the Tilda offer but I might give it a miss this time. Low in funds!!

What a lucky lady you are to have such fabulous gifts! Wow they are so thoughtful and beautiful. Enjoy them.

Unknown said...

What beautiful gifts Lisa ! It has been a great swap , thanks very much !

Aldina said...

Thank you Lisa for this lovely post ^.^

Patricia Lessell said...

I love all the special gifts you received. You really really do deserve them.
Lots of Love
Patti xxx

Eli said...

Aldina made and sent you beautiful and very special gifts. You did a great swap!

Elena said...

How wonderful!!!! Your gifts are amazing!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,
I am so excited I found your blog through Penny's. I can't wait to sit down over the week end and read more. We are kindred spirits. I love to play too. I am going to make an owl for my gd for Christmas. I am looking forward to your next swap. Would you please send me the stitching pattern on your blog to snurtle@comcast.net?
Thank you so much for sharing your lovies with me.

Anonymous said...

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A big thank-you.

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Julia said...

Hello, your blog is too beautiful! I come every day and I like it a lot !!! Thank you and good luck!

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