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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tilda Buys!!

Well how am excited was I today when I recieved a parcel all the way from the UK. Last week I placed an order with Puddlecraft for some Tilda goodies. I am sooooo pleased with my purchases I just couldnt wait to share them with you.

In the parcel was some of the most gorgeous fabric... the one in the below right is just yummy! it is sooo yummy I dont want to use it!
I bought some Tilda embroidery threads, so my projects can look just like in the books.
The christmas pack, top left, is just so yummy too! Im not sure what I will make with these, either a doll or some decorations.
The ply wooden buttons.. oh my goodness these are divine! and of course the little strawberries and the red hearts with white spots.
The middle picture is of some more Tilda fabrics, I havent seen before. The pink is a musky pink... so watch the space for what comes out of these gorgeous, yummy goodies!

For those of you who were having trouble downloading the Block six, I have checked the links out and they are working.. please email me back if you are still having trouble and I will email you the PDF.

Not much creating going on here, my 3 year old has the Chicken pox.. poor little guy.. he is being so good. He has them in his mouth, throat and all over his body... so I am looking after him.

Till next time


Sarah - Red Gingham said...

Oh my goodness Lisa!!! You sure did go shopping. I adore that fabric in the middle with the roses, so very pretty. There is nothing nicer than new fabrics to work with. I do hope you find something to make soon.

Your poor little man! I hope he doesn't suffer too much. Our four haven't had them yet but they are going around here. Imagine four at once?!! I imagine it would really be one and then the other three.

What day are you planning to go to Calico Christmas? I'm thinking maybe Friday with one child. If I go in the weekend the older ones will beg to come. Then I'll have to spend some of my money on them!! Is that mean?

Unknown said...

Beautiful Tilda goodies ! Poor little boy I hope he gets well quickly .

Nicky said...

You've got some lovely new 'stuff' to play with Lisa, how exciting! Hope your little man is feeling better soon.

Cat said...

Hey Lisa

I'm torn between wanting to come for a chicken pox party or treating your place like the plague LOL
I soooooooo can't wait to see my Tilda goodies LOL
And I did laugh @ Sarah re only going with one kidlet

Aldina said...

Hi Lisa,
I love your shopping .... gorgeous fabrics ;-)
a big kiss for your little son ^.^

Ineke Original said...

Wow! This is perfect! If I only have time. (I already don't watch television)

A Life Less Complicated said...

oh no! poor boy - I'm actually dreading the day Elijah gets chickenpox - hope he's as comfortable as he can be although I imagine having them in your mouth would be a nightmare

loving your purchases

Edige said...

I understand you! These fabrics are adorable. I'm waiting for your finishes into them.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhhhhhh dearrrrrrrrrrr, those goodies make my knees feel all wobbely LOL, such gorgious fabrics.
Dear litle son, give him a Dutch hug from me?

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,
How pretty. Can't wait to see what you make. I wish we could buy Tilda in the US. I will pray for your baby. The chickenpoxs are going around in the US today right now.

Angels Come to Play said...

Isn't Tilda stuff the best and you made some great purchases. Hope your little boy gets well soon. Shelley

Seams to Sew and Quilt said...

Beautiful fabrics, love the rose one.. hope your little guy feels better soon.

Luisella said...

Ciao, complimenti sei bravissima, le tue Tilda sono splendide!

Anonymous said...

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Julia said...

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