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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tilda Sew Along - SAL

This is the book you need to have to take part. in the SAL (Stitch Along)
It is available from 
Click on the names and you will go to the link

Remember that The Book Depository have Free Postage Worldwide. 

Just one of the patterns in this beautiful book

The doll that Im thinking of making for the SAL is the angel on the bottom righthand corner.
The SAL will commence on the 22 August. I am wanting to give you time to get the book and the necessary materials required to make this doll.

Tilda fabrics are available from 
Coast and Country UK (sorry I dont have a link for this)

You dont have to use Tilda fabrics for this SAL. 
If you would like to take part please leave a comment on this post

Start Date 22 August
I will post a tutorial one day per week until the doll is completed.
This will probably be over 3 weeks

If you are unable to leave a comment then email me on 

This is one of my Tilda dolls that I made for a SAL that took place at an Italian blog.

It is so much fun and very inspring

and this doll I created for a competition on an Italian blog
I just want to inspire you 
and I also want you to experiment and be creative
I used calico for the body of this doll and tea dyed the fabric
I was also creative with her hair as well. 
So it will be freestyle SAL

You will have to send a photo to me via email of each stage so I can put them up on my blog
It will be inspiring to see what people create

Take the button and spread the word

I look forward to hearing from you


Catherine is having a Tilda Tea Party Swap. Catherine is a new friend in my life that shares the love of Tilda, sewing and creating
Want to join in on a pretty tea party....

Click HERE to sign up


Cat said...

I have no idea how I managed to miss these but they are totally gorgeous - and you're too kind about me :) thank you - I really cherish our friendship xxx

Lisa said...

awesome idea and just what i need.yay i had been wondering about the skin i got some homespun but i just didnt like it .
I will start gathering my supplies.

Anonymous said...

count me in please Lisa

sunny said...

I'm in! You'll just have to go slow and be patient with me! Yippee!!

Cat said...

LOL I totally did leave leave the above comment on the wrong post, it was meant for your gorgeous pin cushions.

And OF COURSE I'm going to join in - I'll always support you xxx you know that 'right'?? .. .. .. got the book right here next to me to decide - I was actually even trying to work out if I could PHYSICALLY stitch along with you as in - come to your house and do it together - would that be FUN??!!

Little Penpen said...

that sounds fun, and I hope to see lots of pic's from your SAL. If you ever do a "quilt" block of the month SAL, make sure to let me know!! I have always wanted to get in on one of those!

Blue Lavender said...

Hello Lisa,
I've been following you since several months ago and I love everything you create.
And I'd love to be part of this SAL, this will be my first time doing this, and I'm so excited. I bought that lovely book some weeks ago, but I won't be able to use Tilda fabrics =( I can not get them around here, but I'll try to choose the more similar to the branded fabrics. But I'm in!
Have a wonderful day! =D

carole johnston said...

I would love to join in I have to see if I can get the book over here,but count me in and if I can't get the book I will have to fluff along lol

carole johnston said...

Me back have the book ordered so off we go!

Peta's Blog said...

Fantastic, I'd love to join in, I have just ordered that book, hopefuly will have it by the end of this month, sounds like alot of fun, yay!

Lisa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Blue Lavender said...

Hello Lisa!
Thanks for leaving a message in my blog, and I didn't know that I'm in no replay blogger, sorry for that, although I've had this blog over a year now, I still don't know all the tricks, but you can email me @ laura.busko@gmai.com anytime or leave a comment on my blog, whatever is best for you. I'm so excited about starting this Tilda SAL and I'll buy the fabric this week.

Best regards,

Laura =D

Wendy said...

Hi Lisa, I would love to join in please, I hope I am not too late, I was waiting to see if my book would arrive in time and it has!!

Unknown said...

I would love to be part of this SAL, do have the book and thank you.

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