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Friday, April 20, 2012


Yesterday in my grief I decided to bake.
It was my baby's last day at kindy today. I had to bake the cake!
I had to find the strength to pick up the recipe book and getting creating.
With the helping hands of my two youngest we got to it.
I thought of my friend Suzy the whole time I was icing this. I knew that this is just what she would have wanted me to do.
As I coloured the icing, and filled the piping bags I could just see Suzy's excitable expressions. 

My son is 5 next week. 
He starts school on Monday.. Oh boy, how the years have flown. It really hasnt hit me yet that he is going to school. He is a delightful, full of life little man. He is full of love and loves life.

Next week I have two party tables to organise... so keep an eye out for the photos.. 

Thanks to you all for your kind messages.  
It was really lovely hear from you all.

Have a great weekend



Michelle said...

The cake is beautiful Lisa, I am sure your friend would be proud of you, and your wee man very happy with his cake :O)

April Cottage Ramblings said...

Yum. The cake look lovely, it must have taken a while to decorate. Have a great weekend with your children. It wont be long before they bring their own children to visit believe me !!

Cat said...

Gorgeous cake for a gorgeous lil man
Happy Birthday
Thinking of you Lisa xxx

Wendy said...

Gorgeous cake, hope you have a lovely weekend.

Chris H said...

I find all 5 year olds delightful.
I hope your son had a really lovely school day tomorrow, and you don't cry when you leave him there!

Unknown said...

love your cake...you are very talented, Lisa. :) I'm sure that this is what Suzy would love you to do. Happy Birthday to the precious young man in your life! :D

retdairyqueen said...

Love the cake
Lisa I joined your Colour swap Yesterday I had an email from Lisa to say I was her partner but I havent received her details as yet

Lynn B said...

Beautiful cake Lisa for a cute little boy!

Lynn B

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