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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The last few days...

It was my friend Suzy's funeral today.
Last night myself and three other friends prepared a couple of tables in her favourite colours...Pink and White.
It looked a little girls party...which is what Suzy would have loved. There were a number of children there and they just loved this. We called it 'Suzy's Teaparty'

The last conversation I had with Suz was about Cakepops. She was in a hospice that wasnt far from one of our favourite kitchen shops, 'Milly's', Im sure some of you New Zealand ladies would have heard of it. She asked me if I was going to go there and if so what was I going to buy! well, I went and ended up buying a few things for my love of cupcakes and cake pops.

My cakepops.
Dipped in pale pink chocolate and then dipped again in white chocolate.

I picked some flowers from my neighbours garden, wrapped a bow around the stems and put them on the plate of meringues I made. I put a small amount of pink colouring in the cream. I got this idea from a board that Suzy had pinned on Pinterest.

This is a closeup photo of one of the beautiful little rosebuds.

I was walking around the garden admiring the beautiful roses.
It was a beautiful morning this morning, our neighbours have a water feature that was just making that soothing sound of water. The sun was shining and it there was a crisp feeling in the air. I looked down and saw the morning dew on the rose petals. 
Just beautiful

So it has been a very busy few days.

Now I have to prepare my sons 5th birthday Racing Car Party for Saturday.. I do hope I get some sewing done at some stage.

PS... Colour Swap Partners have been emailed out.
If there is anyone out there that has not received your email please get in touch.



Vickie said...

Oh mY Goodness..I am sure Suzy was looking around with big smiles-what a beautiful setting you and your friends made,cheers vickie

Pauline said...

It looks great....so personal, so sweet...i wish you good luck and i am so sorry for you that you loosed such a good and dear friend...

Anonymous said...

How sad saying goodbye to a lovely and dear friend.Memories will hold a special place in your heart for Susy forever,that is her gift to you.RIP dear Susy.xxxxxxx

stitchersanon said...

What a lovely send off...I am sure she would have loved it. It is nice that her personality and likes were considered. I have received my partner thank you..now look after yourself. I know you have had a tough time lately. And thank you for still going ahead with the colour swap

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful thing you did for Suzy. Gorgeous photos.

Michelle said...

What a lovely thing to do, for Suzy and her family and friends. Cherish the memories and hold them close, and remember she has left a part of her with you!

Wendy said...

What a lovely way to celebrate Suzy's life, it all looks beautiful.

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