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Click HERE for the pattern for thie Felt Flower 

 Roll the centre of flower up.. starting with the smallest end. Secure down with a few stitches if desired.
 Secure at the base of the flower turning and stitching as you go.

Using the second piece of felt. Secure at the back of the flower folding over as you go. This allows the petals to be placed in the right place so it looks like a flower from the front view.

Secure with a number of stitches
 Place the paperclip at the back of the flower and secure with a few stitches
Use the piece of square felt
Place at the back and stitch all the way around to secure the paperclip

 Embellish as desired

Examples below

The Large Paperclips are available from Smiggles


Janiepip said...

What a lovely idea and tutorial thank you.

Unknown said...

The process to making a flower and combining it with a Paper Clips it looks great if i keep it in my pocket...

julie said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
julie said...

I've been trying to find the large paper clips but can't seen to find them. Any suggestions as to where to look.

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