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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Meet Miss Molly and Miss Daisy

Meet Miss Daisy

I have used vintage lace, french braid to make her dress.
The flower is a Riley Blake Sew Together Flower...also on the dress..  (on my website)

 I have a few new ideas for this year. One of these is making and creating my own doll designs. 

After reading a book recently about creativity I realised that I am best to put my efforts into my strengths and passions.

What are my passions:

3D work
Yo yo's
Ribbon Embroidery
Fibre Art
Braids and Ribbons

and of course many other things

These things make me excited. They make me passionate. Put me in a room full of these things and see what I can come up with. I LOVE using all the things listed above

I am going to have these on my website ... not these little gals but others.. they will all be One Off dolls. Some will have the same face but their outfits will have quirky differences. 

Miss Daisy

This little lady is named after a little girl I know who has ginger hair.

The dress is made from Lecien (available on my website) The crochet shoes, hat, flower and the pansies I made. The thread used for the pansies is a hand dyed yarn from a New Zealand hand dyer.

I am loving the diversity I give myself permission to have, in making these things that delight me! 

Have a great day


Leonie said...

Hi Lisa, gorgeous dolls. Love your work as always :) depression is a nasty nasty thing - brave you for putting it out there. And wonderful that you have made a decision to pursue the time and things that make you feel good. Big hugs always xx

Cat said...

Looking forward to our next coffee cuddle craft and chat xxx

Chrysalis said...

The dollies are gorgeous, Lisa, and you're certainly going to be busy with that list of passions! You're right to focus on self-cure and help - I recently retired after battling with anxiety (which had developed into depression the last time, and I was determined that I wouldn't go there again). I have to say I've not regretted it for a minute (tho' the money was nice!) Take care and I look forward to seeing lots more of your lovely creations. Chris x

stefyfor said...

Lovely dolls.

Little Penpen said...

Sweet Lisa..the dollies are so pretty. I am right there with you on the depression thing. Most people would never believe it when they see me, as I always have this smile plastered on my face. I've been to the doctor this month several times to have my meds. adjusted. I also bought a light for SADD, as my depression seems to always flare up this time of year. I hope you feel better!!

Debbie Buckland said...

oh my those are truely beautiful dolls!

I posted up my daughters dress today on my blog for show n tell. ;)

Oriel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Oriel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Oriel said...

Oops I made an error in my previous post so here i go again. Keep doing what makes you happy Lisa, you are also making other people happy too! You are fortunate to have so many passions that you can follow. Enjoy!

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