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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fabric, fabric and more fabric

What gorgeous fabric!
I purchased these on the weekend... I forgot to show you these yesterday.

Here I am to day to confess my fabricholic problem! 

Gorgeous Lecien .... these are some of the stock I have for my website that is soon to open.
I am dreaming ideas up for this fabric.. yummy!

I am a linen lover.
This is some fabric I purchased on the weekend also.
I have some Christmas Stitchery ideas for these gorgeous fabrics.

I also love grey and red together.

You all probably think I dont really know what I like.. well that is kind of true.. I have numerous tastes in fabric... I almost need a room for every fabric colour love!

 Some little boy fabric... I have four boys... and I find that there really isnt alot out there for boys.. so boys must be catered for in my little shop... it carnt be all pink and white now can it!?

 I love laminated fabric.. I have come across this lovely fabric .. my little man is looking forward to something being made for him in this..  I am dreaming up a pattern.. not sure what yet.

The latest Riley Blake fabric Peak Hour...  I just LOVE this fabric.
This will be in store also..  just have to wait on a bit of stock before I can go live.. it is all a little frustrating to say the least... anyhow I will get there eventually.

I had to laugh yesterday Shez, if you are reading this.. The baby chino or the fluffy.. in our accents does sound rather hilarious... I had a laugh about that. Read the below post regarding the Aussie and New Zealand story regarding what we call a child's mild drink at a cafe

Have a great day


Leonie said...

Those are all delicious! Know what you mean about likes - the more the merrier i say! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Lisa these fabrics are gorgeous and lol i have some of them ,great taste,lol,glad you got a laugh,glad things are steaming ahead for you Lisa.xx

Anonymous said...

Those fabrics are all wonderful! And that is why I don't own a quilt shop! Love the Lecien especially.

tatiana said...

que telas mas bonitas

quiltsbycheryl said...

I have just joined your blog and have signed up to receive by e-mail. I downloaded the block for the Full of Hearts BOM and got #2...can you send me Block one? Thank you so much....
quiltsbycheryl at hotmail dot com

Michelle said...

Yummy fabrics... I am really looking forward to your shop opening even more now!

Michelle said...

Yummy fabrics... I am really looking forward to your shop opening even more now!

Cat said...

Gorgeous fabric xxx

Wendy said...

Beautiful fabrics, I hope all you shop plans are going well.

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