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Saturday, January 14, 2012

My love of Tilda

As many of you readers know I love Tilda designed by Tonne Finnanger.
The above book is her latest - as far as I am aware. I purchased it from the UK a few weeks before Christmas. I had every intention to create the house and the cute angels before Christmas but the rush of the season got the better of me.

 Here is a page from Tilda Winter Ideas
Just beautiful... all of it.. Tonne never disappoints with her creative ideas

I just love the ribbon holder idea..the cones, the angels, the house.. in fact the book is just gorgeous.
I highly recommend it.

Just wanted to share this book with you all..

I plan on doing more Sew Alongs and put up some tutorials to make some of Tonne's creations over 2012. 

I hope your holidays are going well.


Unknown said...

I recently just got a Tilda book as well. :)
I would love to join your sew along...will keep watching for it.

I am actually going to a Tilda doll key chain class today. I will post about it on my blog soon.

Take care :)

Chris H said...

Righty ho... will go look for it myself, cos it looks full of gorgeous ideas!

carole johnston said...

Everything looks so lovely who could resist..

Marianne said...

Yes, I agread the things from Tilda are beuatifulle and you maked them very beuatifull. The topfoto of your blog is also very nice.
greetings Marianne

Anonymous said...

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