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Monday, January 2, 2012

A New Year

This is a creation I have come up with over the Christmas period.

It is a pincushion/sewing keeper.

I had two Quilt As You Go blocks leftover from a quilt I made for my little girl for Christmas. I had a brain wave to make it into some type of 'thing'.. I really didnt know what. After playing around with some bias... and putting my thinking cap on I came up with the above idea.

inside is the pincushion

This is made from the other Quilt As You Go Block.
I will put a tutorial up for this in the next little while. I just want to get a holiday in so Im fresh and ready for a new start this year.

Over the Christmas time I was very busy.
Our son Matt turned 21. So I had to organise a dinner for him. He didnt want to have anything too big so I cooked dinner for 18 people . in amongst our daughter turning 29 so it was a very busy month for me.

I did manage to get some creating done though

Some Christmas Trees from my Christmas Tree Tutorial on the sidebar as well as some other things

This year on my blog I am hoping to run another Colour Swap. I did this a couple of years ago so keep an eye out for this. I also have a new Block Of the Month I have been working on that I will have available. I plan to give you some more tutorials and some more patterns. I also plan to create to  make as the inspiration comes over me...

So I hope this year is kind to you and you have a wonderful holiday season with family and friends



The Patch Craft said...

Looking forward to the Colour swap again. Happy New year

sunny said...

Sounds like lots of fun stuff in the works. Glad you had a nice holiday, with lots of fun family time. Happy New Year!

carole johnston said...

Lovely blog, you have been very busy,will watch out for the coming blogs.

Chris H said...

You always amaze and delight me with your gorgeous creations.
AND your photos as fantastic too!

I am going to do a photography course this year (hopefully) so I can get better at taking awesome photos like you!

AnitaS said...

I wish you a very happy and creatif 2012.

Unknown said...

Happy New Year to you Lisa !

Quiltin' Sandy said...

Happy New Year, Lisa. Great idea for the pincushion/ sewing keeper!
Have a lovely holiday! :)

☼ Carolina ☼ said...


*˛˚ღ •˚ ˚˚ ✰* ★
˚. ★ *˛ ˚♥* ✰
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║*˚♥˛˚ღ •˚ ˚˚ ✰* ★
║░ٌٌٌF░ٌٌٌE░ٌٌٌL░ٌٌٌI░ٌٌٌZ ░ٌٌٌ░ٌٌٌA░ٌٌٌÑ░ٌٌٌO░ٌٌٌ░ٌٌٌ N░ٌٌٌU░ٌٌٌE░ٌٌٌV░ٌٌٌO!░
╚═════════ ೋღ❤ღೋ ══════════╝
*˛˚ღ •˚ ˚˚ ✰* ★
˚. ★ *˛ ˚♥* ✰

Anonymous said...

Love the little pincushion/sewing keeper. Looking forward to seeing how you did that. Sweetie, cooking dinner for 18 people is a big deal. LOL

Anonymous said...

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