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Monday, November 22, 2010

Tilda Fabric Christmas Basket

In a past post I showed some fabrics that I had purchased from the UK.
This Christmas basket is made from just some of them.
The Tilda Christmas fabrics
I was going to make a Christmas Tilda doll but changed my mind
This basket is a Red Brolly pattern without the embroidery.
I have made a yoyo for the front of the basket and used a Tilda heart for the centre

The sides have Tilda Christmas ribbon

The inside has the Tilda heart to cover the join for the handles

Thanks for the visits and the comments about my gorgeous roses. There were many other roses I could have showed but I didnt take photos of them. The smell of the roses is divine I have a rustic archway that my husband built that is covered in two climbing roses that I didnt take a photo of. It is a walk through archway.. maybe 3 metres long.... I guess Ill take a photo of it sometime.

On my wish list this year for Christmas is a SLR digital camera, so I can take better photos for my blog. I love photography but Im finding it rather frustrating using a point and shot camera. We had a manual SLR for years  so I hope 'Santa' makes my wish come true.


H.T. said...

Very fine Christmas basket.Beautiful shape,colours and finishing.Now-only to put some good sweets in.It is a real pleasure to be able to make such Christmas things on our own:-)
Best Regards-HalinaDK-

Unknown said...

Ho Ho Ho !! Be good Lisa you just never know , love Santa .

Chris H said...

So... I just had to go and look up Digital SLR cameras! Thanks for that. I am sure they are better than what I have...lol.... and I hope you get one!
That Christmas Basket is adorable too!

Aldina said...

Hi Lisa,
how are you?
wonderfull tilda basket, I love it.

stefyfor said...

Very fine, i love it.

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