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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Hexie Christmas Tablecloth

This is a Christmas Tablecloth for the little white wrought iron table and chair set we have sitting on our deck.
My husband and I sit out on our deck nearly everyday and have a coffee together. I thought that this would be nice to have on this little table for Christmas. 
The fabrics used are the latest and also last years Christmas fabrics from Basic Grey, Fruitcake and Figgy Pudding

A closer look

Before they were attached together.
And thanks to you all for your comments regarding out miners, also thanks for praying for the families and friends.. We are a nation in mourning. It is so very very sad. All over our country we have little towns. These towns are like little communities. When crisis comes these communities stick together. 

Shirley Goodwin is organising Healing Heart blocks for quilts for these families.. if you would like to contribute a block or blocks please click HERE to get the details from her blog. 

This is Greymouth, New Zealand - a small town on the West Coast of New Zealand. This is the town where the mine is situated.

Candles are burning in churches around the country
Praying for the family and friends



Sarah - Red Gingham said...

Thats going to look beautiful Lisa. It didn't take you long to whip that up. I lvoe the fabrics you've use. Well done.

On to the mining story now, I don't know how the families are going to make that tough decision today. I don't know if I could make that decision.

Cat said...

Your hexie tablecloth is truly lovely Lisa xxx

Nicky said...

Your hexagon tablecloth is beautiful Lisa!

My thoughts and prayers are with the families of those poor men - May they Rest in Peace.

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