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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A gift for a friend

My friend had a baby a few weeks back. I wanted to make her something for her new little man. I had some Debbie Mumm fabrics in my stash that I just thought were perfect for a little carseat blanket. So this is the finished creation. I love making carseat blankets, I have made a number of them for baby presents over the years.

One of my other very favourite gifts to give when a baby is born is a 'baby cake'. This cake is made out of disposable nappies.. Im sure you have seen these cakes around. My cakes I make are one or two tiers high. With this cake I put in some of my hand embroidered booties and a mathcing beanie

I add rattles, bottles, soxs, and many other baby gifts to them and wrap them in cellophane. If there are any requests I will consider doing a tutorial for this.. please just ask through the comments or email me.

I also wanted to share with you some ideas of what I did for my daughters 4th birthday, last year.

I am a shabby chic lover, as you can tell by these photos.
I set the food table up like this.

Pink and blue was the theme. 

My husband made up a make shift table and I made the tissue paper pom poms.
These are very easy and quick to make. The idea came from Martha Stewart.

So that is just some more things that I wanted to share with you

I hope you are all having a great day.
Here in Auckland today the weather is beautiful.. spring is here
Sadly, the people in Christchurch, the South Island of New Zealand are having a terrible time. The situation is grim to say the least... we are so very thankful that noone was killed. The after shocks sound like they are just as horrifying as the actual event.

Take care


Unknown said...

I love the car blanket LIsa !

Cat said...

The car blanket is lovely and your friend is VERY blessed to have you as a friend xxx
I love the table settings for your daughters party - shabby chic rocks :)
I've had my thinking cap on today for a Craft for Canterbury drive/fundraiser/ goods/gifts to send . . .

Chris H said...

Gorgeous wee blanket!
The nappy thing is a fantastic idea,never seen it before.

Little Penpen said...

Car seat blanket... what a clever idea! Also I think wheelchair "lap" blankets are nice. I was visiting my aunt in the nursing home recently and she was cold. We pulled a huge blanket off her bed to cover her lap with. My lightbulb turned on in my brain and I hope to start one for her soon. I'm putting the finishing touches on my swap gifts... hope to mail out this weekend.

Sheila said...

Really great idea for a gift , the car blanket is sweet and perfect for a little boy . The cakes are another sweet idea and I have seen them and really like the idea . Your daughters party looked so special .

Unknown said...

hi lisa thaks for visit into my blog!! Now I'm here and your craft its lovely... so cute. I adore the little bag rose its fantastic!! The basket for your friend is so lovely .. I want too a friend as you!!

Julia said...

Thank you for those good times on your blog. I am often at the station to watch (again and again) those wonderful articles you shared. Really very interesting. All the best !

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