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Thursday, February 11, 2010

A vintage dolly quilt

I havnt posted on here for a few days as Ive been busy at my sewing machine. This is a kit I bought at the Calico Christmas quilt show we have here in Auckland every year..this was back in November 2009..not that long ago and I decided Id make it.... I have alot of UFO kits sitting around that I WILL get around to doing eventually.

This kit also has more fabric for the indivdual dolls. You iron them onto a stiff backing and do a nice little zig zag stitch around them... There is also a fabric with the dress up clothes printed on it...this fabric gets ironed onto iron-on-pellon so that the clothes can be played with along with the individual dolls... very cute I must say. The quilt, to me is rather boring to look at...so when it is quilted I am going to add some embellishments... I am an embellishing specialist LOL.. I love to bead things, stitch on things etc etc ... so this will be dressed up when I have finished.

This is a close up picture of the frame around each doll. They are like a flap...they are quite a nice finished to the picture.

Also I just wanted to say.. I have come across a few blogs lately of 'burnt out bloggers'..thats my name for them. People that are disillusioned with the blogging community due to being hurt by things that have been said or other things. One blog, that I visit,the owner has decided to leave her blog as an archieve and start one up that has no commments..she has been burnt...people have been taking advantage of her and unkind things have been said. I was quite disturbed to read this...it really bothered me. It made me think about why I blog?? I blog because I really enjoy meeting up with fellow crafters, sewers etc. I find it an inspring community...if it wasnt for the comments and me visiting other blogs I wouldnt get half as much made. Im inspired to create and create some more. We are supposed to be a support for each other and enjoy each others creativity arent we?? I love to give... giveaways are something I really enoy doing...I love to bless others....but I dont like being taken advantage of myself and none of us do.. I think I will be making an little more effort to thank people for freebie patterns and to compliment and encourage others.. So this is my little ten cent piece worth,(one of our sayings here in NZ).. lets make the crafting bloggy community a place were we inspire and enjoy one anothers creativity....... oh, I havnt had any probs at all..Ive just come across a few along the way that have caused me to get a little upset.....

Take care...and the draw for both of my giveaways is on Sunday the 14th and I will post the winners on my blog on Monday the 15th..



Unknown said...

Hi Lisa,
I do like the doll quilt...nice. It is difficult sometimes to deal with "evil" folks. We should and must support one another, guess we all have to understand that there are bad apples everywhere. You are a sweetheart; keep on giving!

Melissa ;-) said...

You are so very right. I blog because it makes me feel good. What a shame that there are some others that have been hurt and an even larger shame that there are those that hurt others.

On a happier note, that fabric is soooo cute!!! It just makes me smile!

Unknown said...

Very well said , you're right we should focus on support ! I love your dolly quilt and the frame is interesting .

FairlyGirly said...

I love the images on the quilt, they are so cute.

I've never had any bad comments, like others I love people to comment to get to know them. As in life, we should all try to be nice to others.

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone want to leave nasty comments? I think that we are all sharing a little piece of ourselves here, and if you wouldn't hurt someone in RL then don't do it in blogland.

Angela said...

I love the little *frames* around each dolly block! Beautiful!

angelasweby said...

Oh wow,what a pretty quilt. this brings back so many memories. These little ladies look just like the cut out dollies my mum used to buy me and my sister. What fun we had cutting out the clothes and the little hats with slits in them.

I read your comment on why you blog with real interest especially the part about bloggers who are burnt out. Bloggers are in a very vulnerable position as they are out there in the public arena and can be a target for unpleasant comments from thoughtless and often envious people but, the blogger too has a big responsibility to make sure they don't inadvertantly hurt others by comments they say. I don't have a blog myself but have recently been hurt by something someone has said about me on their blog. Blogging is a lovely way of sharing and caring and it should only be used for positive things as you and all the other lovely people who have commented here have said :>)
Angela xx

Love Of Quilts said...

I adore this doll quilt.What a great idea.Is this a new fabric.

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