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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Here's an idea ...

Old spinning wheel reels 

I recently purchased a spinning wheel.

In the process of doing this I came across some old spinning reels. this one I am using to store some of my precious braids.  

Im a lace, braid and ribbon lover.
This braid pictured is made in France.. I love it.
I got to thinking this was a great way for me to admire it instead of putting it away in a box.

I am also going to put lace on some of them, a great way to see and display lovely braids and laces.


Leonie said...

So pretty! love the idea of displaying and storing ribbons etc on reels!

Chrysalis said...

Hi Lisa - so good to be able to display lovely goodies like this, and have them accessible at the same time - great idea!

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