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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hand Woven Scarf

This is my latest creation.

A Hand Woven Scarf done on my old/new weaving loom I recently purchased.
What a relaxing craft weaving is. I had a small loom when I was young and it bought the memories back of weaving and creating when I was as young as 7-8 years old.

I used acrylic wool for the whole scarf. I picked up two balls of the bobble wool from Spotlight for $1 each and I thought that this would be a great first attempt after all these years.

Making this was quicker than knitting.. I didnt realise how quick weaving grows.

I made the flowers out of a gorgeous hand dyed yarn I have been using recently for a new quilt I am making. I just am in love with the colours.

This scarf is for my little girl .. she is loving it. She is a pink, purple girl... just right for her.

Now Im dreaming up what I'll make next on the loom.

Also, I have a tutorial neally ready to go... its all written up I just have to take the photos..

Happy Valentines Day


Sharon said...

This is just beautiful!

Angeline said...

Beautiful and it looks so soft!

Wendy said...

It looks really beautiful, lovely soft colours.

Michelle said...

Very pretty Lisa :O)

Cat said...

Lisa this is so pretty
You've kind of inspired me to make a lomb for my wee girl

Wendy said...

Such a beautiful scarf! Love the colors you chose.

Chris H said...

I adore your scarf! our Brylee is a pink and purple girl too.

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