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Monday, June 18, 2012

My last 10 Days

This is a pincushion design I came up with last week.
This will be sold as a kitset in my webshop that is soon to open.

I received my first box of Tilda fabric on Friday.
This would have to be one of my favourite ranges in Tilda

I joined up in a Pincushion Swap.
I tried something slightly different to what I normally make.
Needle felt... I used roving and felted it with a felting needle and created
The cherry is also made using a needle felt.
and of course I had to add some polymer clay pins

I also made a needle felted cupcake applique for the needlecase

This was loads of fun to make.
I wasnt that happy with the quality of the workmanship but I had run out of time and had to send it on.
I made it for Magaret... I will put her blog up soon.. I have to go into another email to fetch the link.

This is what Margaret made me.
Her work is just beautiful
The egg cup is a vintage Noritaki China Egg Cup.. something I just love

A closer look.

Have a great day


Anonymous said...

what beautiful pin cushions Lisa both sent and recieved.xx

Michelle said...

Very pretty pincushion! How exciting having such beautiful fabrics arrive on your doorstep... :O)

Chris H said...

Pretty pretty... you blog has always got such pretty thing on it. And pink... I loves pink. lol

Pauline said...

This looks very delicious!

Cat said...

You make such deliciously pretty things . . .

Wendy said...

Both pincushions and needle cases are beautiful, love your little pins too. And your fabrics are lovely.

Annie said...

Gorgeous pincushions Lisa - nothing wrong with your workmanship - it looks lovely....I'd certainly display it with love if it were made for me :) Love your pincushion design too xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,
I am so excited. I was at the bookstore tonight and Tilda has a magazine out now. Have you seen it? It is s cool. Inside the package along with the magazine came a kit to make one of the ideals in there and some of her scrap booking papers.
Happy Dance time.

Anonymous said...

Great pincushions! I really love that Tilda line. It's very pretty.

Anonymous said...

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