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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Babushka Doll

This is my latest creation Babushka Doll designed  by Lisa Tilse from The Red Thread.
I purchased her at the craft show I attended just over a week ago.
She is the cutest. 
She has blonde hair and blue eyes just like my little girl. I bought another face. The other face has black hair and blue eyes. I am going to make her into a doorstop. They are a good size and would make the perfect doorstop for a little girls bedroom....all you have to do is put a bag of sand..stones or rice, to weigh it down. 

I still have to sew her face on properly, I will do that tonight... and I will add a 3D felt flower to her hair...I just wanted to show you what Ive been up to.

I also purchased Lisa's pattern Roxy Long sox. She is kind of cute too. 

PS.. the Part 2 of the Tilda Bunny Sew Along is below.


Anonymous said...

oh Lisa she is so cute,well done.xx

Wendy said...

Very gorgeous, I love the misty photo too.

Anonymous said...

So sweet...........I love it!!!

AnitaS said...

She is very lovely. Every girl would aore her.

josette.272@gmail.com said...

elle est superbe j aime tu es trop douee bisessssssssssssssssssss

Gayle said...

She is sooo beautiful, well done.

Blue Lavender said...

Hi Lisa,
She is so cute, you did an excellent job,

Unknown said...

Dear Lisa! I am delighted with your dolls and other things! I want to tell you, that your doll called "Babushka" actually has a name "Matryoshka" in Russia. I do not know if you know. In our country, this form of dolls called "Matryoshka". Babushka means "grandmother" in Russian. Your "Babushka" is too young for her name), but she is so cute. Thank you! Helen.

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