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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tilda Purse

I saw this purse in one of my Tilda books the other day and thought I'd like to make it.  I have made this one out of some Tilda fabrics that I purchased from the UK and of course there is the Tilda rose that I have hand stitched onto the front of it. These are delightful little cosmetic purses from the  Sew Pretty Homestyle book. What I love about the Tilda books is the way Tonne explains how to make her patterns. I just love the basic way she explains things...

Also there is the Gathered Rose Tutorial I put up the other day... here is a photo of it pressed flat with an iron.. I just love the look ... better than the first photo, I think anyway. I have made this into a brooch to go onto a bag or whatever.

I just want to say, as I have edited into my previous post. This rose is an idea I have had for a long time. It is inspired by my ribbon rose creations. I have always wanted to make roses out of fabric and not ribbon all the time. I have been doing ribbon roses for about 14years now... I just don't want people to think I go around copying others... I am inspired by others but I am not into copying. Just wanted to make this clear.

as some of you know I have a Cuttlebug 
This is a device that is used to emboss paper and cut dies for scrapbooking and cardmaking.
I LOVE paper craft as well as other crafts! as alot of you know
Spotlight (a craft shop franchise) here in New Zealand had a special running last week. 
I had seen this owl diecut a number of months ago that I just really wanted... the thing is it was expensive.
So I took the opportunity to purchase it with the special.

Here is what I have been making over the weekend

Owly cards
Cute... dont you think?
I also made some gingerbread men. I have a diecut for a gingerbread man.. 
My little 3 year old was having alot of fun making these with me
He is an owl lover and of course gingerbread men too!


Thecraftytrundler said...

Love that make-up bag!! I have the same book, and have made about six of them.It's an excellent book. Well done : )

Sharon xx

Anonymous said...

Love love the bag.Very nice! I just bought a book on how to make the rose you made.I cant wait to begin.If I find the time,lol.

Happy Tuesday ahead!

Unknown said...

You're so clever you don't need to copy ! Love your owls !

Nicky said...

What a gorgeous purse Lisa, pretty fabric. Your owl is a cutie, that looks like lots of fun! I must have missed that Spotlight were having a sale. Oops!

Elena said...

a bag is pretty!!!! and card too!

Elena said...

a bag is pretty!!!! and card too!

Cat said...

Owls and Tilda - what else does a girl need to make her smile?!
Love Love Love it all!

Julia said...

Thanks to you, I learned a lot of interesting things. I hope to learn more. I congratulate you for these wonderful shares. Keep going !

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