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Saturday, September 26, 2009

New Fabrics and more bookmarks

I have had a couple of orders for more bookmarks. I have had to make 16 of these this week. I had alot of fun making these. I have done a few different colour ways.

Also I have been collecting fabric. We can never be without fabric can we?!! Oh no, not us fabricaholics. Here are some pics of SOME of the latest fabrics I have acquired.I buy some of my fabrics off our auction site here in New Zealand.I get some good bargins...people that are getting rid of some of their stash.I have also found a shop that sells 5 fat quarters for $25.00NZD each..which is a very good price for NZ.

I collect pink fabric....these are some of the pinks I have bought lately. I will be using them for my little girl, she is 4 years old and LOVES pink.

These fabrics, aboveI have been collecting for some months. I am wanting to make a Baltimore quilt, with hand applique.I won a number of these fabrics at a draw we had at my quilting group...this inspired me to collect more.

and lastly I am a Loralie fan... I am also collecting her fabrics to make bags for gifts for friends and family for Christmas. I LOVE the red one... so watch the space..I hopefull will come up with some new things soon

Take care



Denysem said...

I loved your bookmarks!
And original.
Have a great weekend:0)

Angela said...

Are you trying to tease me with all those bookmarks! Lovely, lovely!
Love all the fabrics added to your stash - I am a pink girl too! :o)

Pomona said...

The bookmarks are really pretty - and I really like the fabrics!

Pomona x

Little Penpen said...

Your fabrics are so pretty... you definitely have a good "eye". I love your bookmarks. A blogger friend sent me a little gold butterfly bookmark that I have started using (I always used slips of paper before) and I just love it. I usually have two or three books going at one time, so I told myself the other day that I need to find some more pretty bookmarks. I'm sure everyone will enjoy using yours.

AwtemNymf said...

Can I come over? I love the fabby and bookmarks *winks*
Gorgeous! Have a great weekend!

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