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Monday, September 21, 2009

I made a wall hanging today...

I bought this pattern a while ago..it had the painted wooden angel and the hearts in the kit..I chose the fabrics. I LOVE Leicen fabrics. They are made in Japan and I just love the colours. I have been collecting these fabric for a while now..so I have used some in my stash to make this wallhanging...it is quite a long wallhanging..The photo really dosent do it justice at all. I havnt handsewn the back yet and the pins are still in it..hence the reason why it is looking a bit weird in shape. I just had to post it..Im quite impatient sometimes.. Im a "Ive got to get it finished" person.

Here are the bookmarks I taught just over a week ago...I just love the pearl ones. They are simply exquiste. The workshop went so well..I did two in fact. The were a hit and I have been asked to do three more...These bookmarks are different to ones I have seen in the shops. They have a rose pattern engraved on them...they are simply gorgeous, to say the least..If you would like to buy the metal bookmark hooks please email me and I will send you a paypal invoice....The metal bookmark is $2.95NZD, this price is not for the completed bookmarks. I can make these up for you on request.

Here is a bouquet of roses I received a voucher for. I picked them up on Saturday...these were given to me as a thank you for teaching the classes.

Take care Lisa

1 comment:

Angela said...

Your wallhanging is fantastic! I love that it incorporated the wooden pieces and the fabric. Great job!

And the bookmarks are absolutely beautiful! I will email you about those in a minute... :o)

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