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Monday, February 17, 2014

Wool Felt Sewing Case

Hi everyone
I havnt been on here for a while. My dad hasn't been that well, it seems that the morphine dosage is going up by the week at this stage. So my motivation has been slightly sluggish.

I have been enjoying my crocheting, knitting, handstitching and embroidery though.

I saw this made up in a shop recently and liked it so much I purchased a kit.
While I was making it I went with the embroidery pattern but kind of changed it around as I pleased. I love doing free style embroidery.

I just love embroidery. I have been doing this art for nearly 40 years.. hmmm that makes me very old!! lol 

This is the inside of the case. 
A place for:
And my packet needles

Wool felt is so nice to work with... so soft and the needle just glides in without a problem.

I just love it. I have some other goodies to show you too.

I have been doing a hand stitching class, the Japanese method. I totally love it. I have made two cotton reel holders and now Im making a toilet bag. 

Ill have a post showing these soon.


Indigo Blue said...

This is gorgeous! Where is the pattern from I you do not mind me asking?

Indigo Blue said...

This is gorgeous! Where is the pattern from I you do not mind me asking?

Ruth said...

Really lovley - your embroidery is gorgeous.

Cat said...

Absolutely beautiful Lisa you have such talent

Leonie said...

Stunning - you do some truly amazing things! x

Annie said...

That needlecase is no less than stunning - you're so talented. Lots of hugs for your Dad, yourself and your family xoxoxo

barb said...

Lisa that is really beautiful!

Lynn B said...

Lisa I love this, very pretty!

Radka said...

It's beautiful! :-)

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

A beautiful needle case wrap Lisa.
That blue felt is divine.
I've searched for felt in soft colours but can't find it here - I'm in NZ too.
Did you get yours here?

So sorry for you - it's so hard when our parents are not well - sending you all gentle hugs.


Unknown said...

Your needle case is truly beautiful - you are so talented.

Aggie said...

Just seeing this. And I LOVE IT!! I see people have asked for the pattern but I don’t see a response. Would love the pattern if you have it. Thanks in advance

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