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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tilda Santa with Drum

This is made using a Tilda kit
I loved sewing with the Tilda skin fabric.. it is soft and has a slight stretch to it, very different to using a linen or calico. 
This Tilda Santa was not too hard to make.. The only thing I would recommend is getting some of the turning tools for stuffing and turning the arms and legs. This does make the job so much easier. Using a stick or a knitting needle makes it a very fiddly job.

I have been wanting to make this doll for quite sometime. He was partially made and I hadnt got around to finshing him off. What amazed me with the Tilda kit was it had all the cottons for hand sewing in it and each colour had its own sewing needle. 

Happy Sewing


Frederika said...

Oh so lovely.

Little Penpen said...

He's beautiful!!

Leonie said...

Cute! yay for getting him done - that is so funny having a needle for each colour! x

Lynn B said...

Very cute!

Unknown said...

Love him!. Is there any page you know to buy the kit online in the States?

rosi said...

Adorable item that I discovered by chance, and my greatest pleasure, congratulations!
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