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Sunday, April 7, 2013

My doings ...

My little girl turned 8 on Friday

I have always wanted to make one of these cakes... I watched a Youtube video to get the idea of how to do it and then put my new found skills from my class into action

Laura loved it and so did her friends.

Ive also been doing some spinning

My spinning is of the thick and thin variety

As I do more it is getting more even... but I love the twisting and thick and thin effect and it knits up beautifully

The above photo is of  NZ Wool and also Alpaca which is beautifully soft.

I also made this hat... it is crocheted with handspun wool.... It is meant to be an owl.. my famiily think it looks like a monster!! 

I have also been working on a bag
African Flowers made with hand dyed cotton.. that I just LOVE.

The bag is going to be fab with these gorgeous colours.

Happy creating my friends


sunny said...

You are awesome with a bag of icing! And I love the colors of your flowers. Beautiful.

Oriel said...

Loved the cake. That is one of the best thing about birthdays - the novelty birthday cakes - the children just love them. You will get a lot of value out of your cake icing classes. Enjoy!

Gayle said...

The cake is beautiful, I can see why everyone loved it. You have a lot of things on the go. They are all gorgeous. Love the hat.

Anonymous said...

loving the cake and sooooo love that wool your spun perfect for primitive raggedy dolls!!

Cat said...

Can't wait for my spinning wheel to arrive so you can teach me
Those african flowers are coming along nicely

Leonie said...

Yay for special cakes! Love your spinning and creations and those flowers are gorgeous! x

Blue Lavender said...

Hi Lisa
Happy birthday to your little one, the cake is so nice, nice job, you are very talented,

Wendy said...

Lots of beautiful things, the cake looks great and I love the crochet circles for your bag. Gorgeous colours!

Julia said...

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