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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Last Cake Decorating Day

I had my last Cake Decorating class yesterday .... Here is the final cake ! I am so pleased with it. The chocolate roses are a yummy chocolate shortening recipe. I had to keep telling myself.... Keep it simple...keep it simple because I wanted to just add more and more.

I am booked in to do the fondant class which I am super looking forward to. We will be moulding flowers and other things.

I have also put my name I into a showcase on Facebook

I am going to make something with the theme water ... I have never done anything like this before, so I am very nervous. There are a minimum number of spots, we then have three months to come up with the product made from fibre, yarn or for fibre and yarn. I came up with an idea last night. On the 5 July the Showcase begins and people cn purchase what is on offer, there are yarn dyers and handmade specialist taking part. In a few months all will be revealed.

I hope you are all having a fan week. Xx



retdairyqueen said...

That cakes looks good enough to eat

Wendy said...

Your cake looks beautiful and your new projects sounds interesting and exciting!!

Cat said...

What a beautiful cake
So glad you are enjoying your cake decorating classes

Unknown said...

mmmmmm i like it very much!!!!

Julia said...

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