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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Baby Crochet

 I have been very busy crocheting of late.

Making all sorts of babywear

The above photo is a beanie and nappy cover - this size for a newborn

A number of years ago I used to have a few people knitting for me and I would do the final embellishments before the garments were sold. This label was called Little Honey.  I also sewed other garmnents and embellish them too, these were supplied to a couple of retail outlets.]

So I have decided to pick this up again, as it is something I love to do and I am passionate about.

I have 1001 things on the go. I have fabric, yarn, embroidery thread etc all around me. I have constantly creating .... everyday. I am loving it.

This is just the beginning. I have a number of other things in mind.. 

I am not the sort of person who likes to mass produce. So I just create as the inspiration comes to me. Custom orders are taken, if you ever see anything you would like.

I have an Easter Tutorial all ready to go... have I had the time to upload it  NO... 

As for the Tilda Lovers out there..... the love is still there for me. I just have been busy getting my stock up and things sorted for my website.  I have a little Tilda doll cut out ready to make.

Have a great day


Inmaculada said...

Preciosos trabajos.

Leonie said...

Simply gorgeous, love these - delicious colours x

Cat said...

absolutely gorgeous

Julia said...

Hello, your blog is too beautiful! I come every day and I really like it !!! Thank you and good luck!

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