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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My weekend

This was Saturday morning outside our home.
It had been a morning of very thick fog. I looked out the kitchen window and saw a lovley spiders web with the morning dew highlighting it.. it was a gorgeous sight. I grabbed my camera and took a photo.. just for memories sake.. The baskets of flowers are a gift given to me on Mother's Day.. I love the French Country look

We decided to take a break for a night down to Hamilton.. Hamilton is about 1 1/2 hours drive south of Auckland. There is a motel down there that we love to stay at. 
So we bundled the kids in the car and off we went.

On our travels down there I love to stopped in to one of my favourite shops, Grandmothers Garden.
Of course I browsed around and had to buy something!
This is not all I purchased but it is a challenge they have running. It has to be finished by the end of June.
It is a panel .. and you have to make it into something. I have started the stitchery on it and have dreamed up something to make. Just carn't tell you what it is at present. I may or maynot get it finished but I thought the challenge was something I have never done before. I love the muted coloured tones of the fabric.

While there a lady mentioned there was a quilting show on at the Hamilton Gardens.
I was very excited to learn of this and thought I must visit.
So the next day, my wonderful hubby looked after the kids at the gardens while I took a look around.
This is some of what I saw

This little quilt was made from tiny hexagons.. and I mean tiny.. I work of art I say!

I dream one day of having the patience to complete a quilt like this! and I think it is certainly in my dreams!
I love the white background
A closer look

A closer look.

I admire Art Quilts. I love fibre art and being able to be creative without following a pattern.
The was very 3D which I like to do.

This quilt I thought was just lovely. It had crystals in the flower arrangement. Love the quilting

I love the hand quilting on this quilt

and of course the winning quilt is just gorgeous and they always are.
I have whole photo of the actual quilt but blogger won't let me upload it.

This is the centre!

with battenburg lace doilies down the side.. look at that quilting

The edged

The centre and the edges 

and of course a weekend away needs a stop and a cafe'.. we had a coffee and the kids had their fluffy.. in Aussie language a fluffy is a mini cappa I think! We asked for a fluffy when in Aussie for a holiday and the guy looked at us with the very strange look, as much to say what the heck are you talking about... WHAT is a FLUFFY?! Well, it is a cup with fluffed up milk in it....choc sprinkled on the top with marshmallows on the side. So we got a bit of a laugh out of that, with our accent and all he laughed and so did we! 

I also joined a pincushion swap and did the finishing touches on that over the weekend.
It is a little different to what I normally make and will show photos of that when my swap partner receives it.

Have a great day


Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing those wonderful quilts. Sound like you had a wonderful weekend. :)
The fluffy looks so yummy...never heard of it..but I would love to try it someday.

Anonymous said...

lol,here in Victoria we call it a baby chino.Thankyou Lisa for the quilt tour ,gorgeous quilts there.xx

Michelle said...

Beautiful view.. what area do you live in? I saw those panels that you bought from GG's I am looking forward to seeing what you do with it! Thanks for sharing the other quilt photo's, sounds like you had a very enjoyable weekend :O)

Rosi said...

Hola Lidya, me he paseado por tu blog, muchas felicidades tienes unos trabajos bellĂ­simos, trabajas muy delicadamente el bordado y le das un toque muy elegante, me ha encantado con tu permiso me quedo. Te deseo una feliz semana


Lisa said...

same here in western aus we call it baby chino too.:D

Wendy said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend, my hubby worked the weekend and I forgot all about the quilt exhibition! Hopeless!!

Anonymous said...

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