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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tilda Bunny Sew Along Part 1

As said in a previous post, this is NOT a swap but a Sew Along to make the bunny in the photo.

You will need the fabric for the bunny body
fabric for the lining of the ears
fabric for the clothing
and embroidery thread for the face
This is the hare I made last year for a swap that Cat from Catalina's Cottage and I ran.
The difference between the hare and the bunny is the wire in the ears and the ear patttern and I think its legs are slightly larger, but don't quote me on that.

Steps to start you bunny:
Photos for these instructons have been taken from my Tilda Angel Sew Along as it is the same process.
Trace pattern onto the body fabric (doubled)
or use the freezer paper method. 
Before I sew I just pin the fabric  to make sure it doesn't move.

Sew around the lines, making sure that you leave an opening so the arms, legs, body can be stuffed.
Leave the bottom of the body open
Leave the top of the arm open
Leave the top of the leg open.

Sew the ears together, make sure you use two different fabrics, right sides together. Turn in the right way 
then sew up the opening by hand or sew on the machine. If you have the opening at the curve (The middle of the ear pattern) this will be covered by the hat, so will not be seen.

Now cut around the sewing line making sure there is about 1/4" of fabric.

Turn all your pieces out. This can be a bit fiddly. Use a kebab stick or a turning tool(if you have one) or I use a doctors kind of pliers to turn my doll pieces out the right way.

Next week we will stuff and handsew up and maybe cut out our clothes.

Happy Sewing

PS. I went to the Craft and Sew Show last Friday. I purchased some lovely fabric and a couple of patterns and a couple of kits.. Ill show you these in a few days. Also, thank you to you all for your lovely comments and well wishes for our anniversary. It has been a true celebration in our home.


CatNCart Craft said...

I think I have this pattern book, what a great inspiration to get started.
Thank you

josette.272@gmail.com said...

c est superbe que d idees sublimes merci a plus jojo

Susan said...

I love the one you made last year. =)

Andrea Vega said...

Thank you so much for the patterns !
I've sewn my first Tilda bunnies couple and they are perfect.
Which fabric did you use? I couldn't find any fabric in brown.

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