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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mini Wreath Tutorial

This wreath is made from a small poly wreath
The flower arrangement is made from felt roses and leaves.

Strips are cut 2" wide.
Glue the fabric on the back of the wreath and wind around

around until the poly wreath is covered. I leaved the edges frayed.
I then added some braid - ric rac and wound that around too

I then made some felt roses from my tutorials

Felt Rose Tutorial HERE
and Folded Rose Tutorial HERE

I also made a tiny rolled rose. This is made starting the same way as the folded rose...
roll it and then fold it back when you have made it the desired size. Stitch.

The mini rolled felt rose is the small pale pink rose..

A closer look at the rolled rose
A closer look at the folded rose.
I thought it was a great idea to make these out of felt. Ive never thought of this idea until yesterday.

Any questions dont hesitate to email me.


sunny said...

It's beautiful Lisa! You're really on a roll here lately. The felt flowers look so soft and nice.

Anonymous said...

so pretty Lisa,well done on a great project.ox

AnitaS said...

It looks very pretty this way. I love pink, so this is a good one for me.

Plakhuis said...

Thanks for the tutorial! What a lovely wreath.

Unknown said...

very pretty..I love all your projects...Thanks for sharing with us. :)

Cat said...

so pretty - this really is your time of the year xxx

Wendy said...

Your wreath is very beautiful, thank you for all your wonderful tutorials.

Anonymous said...

what are the things that inspired you to make these handy crafts..you are awesome and your stuff is awesomest indeed.

Anonymous said...

I love that wreath. It's very springy, and I need to make one to hang on my door for the next couple of months. I might have just the right felt in green for the leaves, but the roses can't be pink - I don't do pink, so I don't have any wool that color. You have such great ideas! Thanks for sharing them.

Anonymous said...

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