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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tilda Sew Along Part 2

Turn out all the sewn pieces right sides out
Press all the sewn pieces

Take a small piece of stuffing

Press onto the end of a skewer stick

Push stuffing in with skewer stick or stuffing tool

Push stuffing to the end of the arm.(finger part) add small bits a bit at a time till all stuffed

The stuffing at the end of the arm......

Turn over the ends of the arms... this is the opening.... and will be handsewn to the body next week.

Take a larger amount of stuffing

Stuff leg to the knee

Sew across sewing line

Now stuff leg to the top

Stuff body with smaller amounts of stuffing and then a larger amount as you go....

The parts are now all stuffed for handsewing for next week.

PS.... the above process is time consuming


Cat said...

*sigh* I so wish I was able to join in . . . but school holidays - seriously hon how do you find the time?

I'll be back to follow this at some stage

Anonymous said...

its all very interesting Lisa,thankyou

AnitaS said...

So today is stuffing day. Thank you Lisa.

sunny said...

Ack - I'm getting behind. Must get caught up and do some stuffing......

Rosa said...

This doll is adorable!!

Chris H said...

That certainly does look time consuming and tedious, but sometimes it is worth it!

Riitta Sinikka said...


Blue Lavender said...

Hello Lisa!
I just finished my homework for this week, and I'm posting about it in my blog and sending the link to yours.
I look forward for the next homework.
Have a wonderful day!

Hugs from,

Laura =)

Wendy said...

Thanks Lisa, your angel looks lovely with the floral fabric. I have just finished this step and blogged about it. I'm really enjoying this, thank you!

Blue Lavender said...

Hi Lisa!
Just to let you know that I already finished this part of the SAL and I already posted it in my blog.
Thank you so much for your wonderful tutorial, I'm learning a lot from you.
Have a wonderful Sunday
Hugs from

Laura =)

Unknown said...

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