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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tilda Bird

My latest creation

A Tilda Bird

I used a kebab stick so I can poke it into some soil in a pot plant.
I made the wings differently to in the book
I stuffed them and then sewed them... then  hand sewed them in place

The bird is made from Tilda fabric. This story of fabric is my favourite in the Tilda range. Purchased from the UK.

Its a raining old day here today

Happy sewing


Unknown said...

Your bird looks lovely Lisa , gorgeous fabric !

Chris H said...

Oh so pretty!

Aldina said...

Hi dear Lisa,
how are you? I hope fine ^.^
lovely tilda's birds I love it

Pomona said...

It's really sweet - and such pretty fabric!

Pomona x

Sarah - Red Gingham said...

What a pretty bird she is too! I love those fabrics very much. Your flowers are very lovely as well and go well with her.

Cat said...

Gracious me what an amazingly pretty little bird xxx You are so creative Lisa xxx t

stefyfor said...

Your bird is so pretty.

Moia said...

Pretty little bird, I have just posted a bird on my blog, it is a little bird in my garden, busy bringing food to the kids in the nest.
Hug from Moia

Blue Lavender said...

Beautiful little bird, I've been thinking about make some of them too, but before I'd like to get a bird cage to put them inside. Yours are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Oh Lisa what a cute bird,well done

Lisa said...

Just Gorgeous!!

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