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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My first tutorial and Phoebe from Melly and Me

Well today I got to sewing.
This is what I made
Phoebe is a pattern by Melly and Me.
I made a slight mistake while making little Phoebe and I had to think of something to cover it up..so I came up with a felt rose..

So little Phoebe got dressed up with a rose on her head.
If you would like to purchase a pattern for Phoebe I have a couple in stock at the moment

This will be news to my regular followers but  I sell Melly and Me patterns and many other Australian designers patterns. I have been doing so for a number of months. I have a website up and running but I have decided to now have a blog shop going instead. It is alot easier for me to update. I just cannot get my head around the updating a website so for the moment and a blogshop it will be. I have been selling these patterns for about 8 months now on an auction site. I havent mentioned it on here, I have no explanation as to why.. but there's some news for you :-)

I have a huge number of Melly and Me patterns, Rosalie Quinlan, Janelle Wind, Natalie Ross, Cinderberry Stitches and others patterns that I have to put up. If you visit my studio blog please be mindful that I will be listing these as I get the time.

Click the buy now button on the sidebar and pay $22.50 inclusive of shipping worldwide.

I have cut out Magoo the Monkey today. I am making him for my little 3 year old boy to take on the plane when we fly off in a few weeks. I will put him up on my blog in the next few days.. I managed to source some very cool fabrics for Mr Magoo.
I have now come up with a Felt Rose Tutorial I like to share with you
Please remember I have never done a tutorial before
This is an idea I thought of this afternoon
I am not copying anyone that I am aware of
so if there is other tutorials around or someone does them the same I just want you to know that I have not
Click HERE for the tutorial page


and Id love to see your creations.




Unknown said...

What a great tutorial really clear ! Thanks so much , I will be making some of those .

Anonymous said...

These are adorable, thanks for sharing

Have a Happy Wednesday Lisa!

Cat said...

Well .. .. .. you know with a name like that ~ I'm just going to have to add her to my 'to do' list!

Nicky said...

Phoebe is gorgeous and I love that rose - thanks for the tutorial.

themaskedlara said...

Phoebe is too cute!
Thank you for your comment, but I am hoping the parcel will be posted by Monday, which I think (hope) is when it was supposed to be posted. I just hope you like it!

Moia said...

Absolutely super cute, thank you for sharing.

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