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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The vintage cut-out dolls and the clothing

I sewed and fussy cut the dolls and the clothes yesterday.  My daughter, Laura, just loves them to bits.

If any of you decide to buy the fabric..it is available in the USA from Keepsake Quilting (click on the name to take you there). They have it in their catalogue. One of my readers mentioned it in a comment on the last post. Take a look at THIS Its a booklet made out this doll fabric...

Now the how to of this quilt and the dollies. The dolly fabric has a repeative pattern. The pattern I had said to cut the blocks a certain size but I felt it was a bit large. So I down sized the size of the doll block because I wanted as many different dolls on the quilt as I could get. It is a very simple quilt to make. Add the flaps and then the sashings, the outer border etc and it is of course finished.

The doll interfacing

The clothing pellon

With the individual dolls I ironed them onto a very very stiff iron on interfacing. I then satin stitched, a small width zigzag stitch, right around the whole doll and then fussy cut them out. Then with the clothes, I ironed the fabric onto a thin iron on pellon....small zig zag stitched around the outside of the clothes and then fussy cut them out. Easy peasy but a little time consuming.

This quilt is not my idea. I bought the kit, with the instructions inside. I am not very good at reading instructions...in fact I hate reading instructions. A terrible habit I know, but I prefer to look at a photo, the pattern pieces and figure it out for myself....I am terrible at keeping to the design of anything I do. I get very bored.... oh dear another terrible habit.

Well I have to confess Im always buying new fabric but I dont put it on my blog!!

 I bought some gorgeous Paddington Bear fabric the other day and some Beatrix Potter. I collect Beatrix Potter fabric and when I see it at a good price I buy it. Anyway... I bought this absoultley gorgeous fabric the other day on our auction site here in NZ. It is a Moda - French General fabric. I have another quilt that I drew up last year that I have in mind for this quilt. It is called Flower Power... I guess thats got you thinking... Well, I will get around to making these quilts that I have drawn up eventually... I just have to get my prioities right eh??!! LOL!! ... I am a little frustrated with myself that I just dont get my designs made up. My hubby is always telling me 'I dont need to buy other people's patterns, I can do it myself'....but I guess I just lack the confidence to do it. So the last lot and this lot of fabric is me putting my toe into the water and trying to do as my huBBy has suggested.... so watch the space but dont hold your breath.




Unknown said...

Hi Lisa,
The fabric is gorgeous! and the paper dolls are soooo cute!

hey, have a lovely day!

Michelle said...

Lisa-Love your dolls you make and I love the vintage doll fabric, it is sooo cute. You are very talented, I don't think I have the patience to try to make a doll.

Anonymous said...

oh those paper dolls are soooo adorable.Never saw any so cute.

Unknown said...

Cute ! Looking forward to your new designs and I am holding my breath so please hurry .

Anonymous said...

You really are a very naughty girl buying all that fabric and not telling us!I e-mailed you the day I won the prize, how strange it must have disappeared into cyber-space! Will try again. Am so glad that my post made you laugh. I've heard of Donna Haye but not seen her books here.xxx

Little Penpen said...

Love the little dolls, too. A little girl's dream!

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