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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Check this out!

I love Heather Bailey

I receive her emails. Today one came through saying that the above pattern is available free. I just love it. In her Webstore she is having a sale on her new felt colours.. be sure to  check them out.. they are divine!

 Click HERE to get the free pattern for the violets
Click HERE to download the square pincushion pattern

Thanks Heather for your generosity.


Cat said...

Now that is super dooper cute

Jess @ Scrappy n Happy said...

That is beautiful! Thank you for the links!

Chris H said...

Thanks for the links.. sadly I can't get it to download... any chance you could email it to me.. PRETTY PLEASE!!!
I won't be too upset if you can't... but if you can:


Unknown said...

Hi Lisa!
That is one cute pin cushion and I'm happy you reminded me about it. It is true, the magazine that carried the pattern was a bit out of wack. Still, I managed to make a square anyhoo. Lol, hope you and yours are well. Although I don't always leave a comment, your blog is one of my favorite places to view.


Anonymous said...

what a beautiful pin cushion i have just come back from down loading the pattern hope to make 1 soon,thankyou Lisa for thumbs up

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☼ Carolina ☼ said...

very nice!!
from Chile

sunny said...

Adorable! Thanks for passing it on.

Pomona said...

That is a really lovely pincushion - great that it's a free pattern!

Pomona x

Ineke Original said...


House of Pinheiro said...

Super cute, I spread the word about it for my pincushion swappers x

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