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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New

Happy New Year to all my readers.

This year has been difficult for our family on a number of different fronts, hence the reason why my blog does not have too many posts.

 Here's to a better year in 2014

The exciting things for us in 2014 are a wedding for a son and a new grandchild from another son... we are so looking forward to being grandparents.

All the best for this holiday season.



Anonymous said...

happy new year Lisa.xx

Lynn B said...

Happy New Year Lisa,

Best wishes

Lynn B

Annie said...

Happy New Year Gorgeous - lots to look forward to through 2014! Take Care xoxoxo

cannelle said...


Leonie said...

Exciting!!!! Happy New Year Lisa xx

Chris H said...

Playing Catch Up.
HAPPY NEW YEAR... and I hope 2014 is kind to you.

Julia said...

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