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Thursday, July 18, 2013

What is Zakka?

I have been asking myself this question of late.
I have a board on Pinterest of what I though Zakka was. Linen with appliqued or small pieces of fabric.
Well, after a little research I have discovered that it is in fact a Japanese word that means 'miscellanous goods' 
 The book above I have seen around and have been tempted to purchase, but I think I might just have a go at designing some Zakka myself.

This book here has a few Australian designers that have contributed, Lynette Anderson being one of them. As you know I am a fan of Lynette and I find her a great inspiration.

So Zakka really is something that is useful, sewn and lovely to look at. I love the sound of that. I also love the linen, embroidery, handsewing nature that I think Zakka has. I am now going to get out the pencils and draw down some ideas.

I came across this articule on my websearch about Zakka that you might find interesting.
Click HERE to read.

I hope you are all having a great week.


Leonie said...

I received the copy I'm giving away for show and tell this month yesterday. When i was researching a prize i also did some homework on what exactly "zakka" meant! The nook is delightful, but i cant wait to see your designs! xx

Judi said...

I am in search of the pattern for a pincushion that folds flat - like when you fold a box top after it has been opened. Is there a pattern for that and a picture of the pincushion open? Would love to see it and make it.. I saw it on Pinterest under pincushions.

Julia said...

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