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Monday, May 6, 2013

Hand dyed Hand spun Art Yarn

My hubby thinks I should start selling my art yarns.
Im thinking seriously about this..
At first I was going to just make these up and then create babywear with them but hubby has suggested I look at selling them.

This is a New Zealand merino hand dyed and spun by me...  mixed with a 100% commercial wool and crochet thread 

 This is also New Zealand Merino hand dyed and spun my me plyed with a hand dyed silk thread.

 I am totally in love with my new found craft. I find it so satisfying and so very relaxing
 This is also New Zealand merino plyed with the same colour way 
Just wanted to put it out there and find out if there would be any interest
I have been working on some ideas to make with this yarn... will tell you abit about that soon.
I have also made contact with a lady that sells patterns for beanies etc made with this type of art yarn, that I can link people to if the interest is there.

I am very aware that my interests are not only quilting, doll making, beading, sewing etc.. I am abit of a 'jack of all trades" ... I simply cannot just do ONE thing at a time. I can be crocheting one day, dyeing one day, drawing another... My family simply dont know what to do with me sometimes... lol  it is quite funny

I am wanting to incorporate all my skills into what I do. I am exploring and experimenting alot with different things. The quilt I have been working on incorporated, crochet, applique and embroidery. Im loving that.. so you will see all types of things on my blog from now on

Any how... I hope those of you who are doing the Tilda Sew Along a ready for that..

Not long now....


BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Wow....the yarn is gorgeous.

Leonie said...

Gorgeous Lisa, i could be interested!

Annie said...

Your yarn is just gorgeous Lisa - who wouldn't want to buy it.......I say go for it.....if it doesn't work the worst that can happen is you will need to do a lot of knitting.....xoxoxox

Little Penpen said...

Oh my! Those are beautiful! I'm not a yarn crafter, but I'm in awe of your beautiful creations!

Cat said...

Lovely colourways Lisa
Can't wait not long now till my spinning wheel arrives

barb said...

The yarn is beautiful. I am in love with that little pink beanie with the flower you had the other day.
Barbara R

Julia said...

Congratulations to all those who watch for the smooth running of this magnificent blog !!

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