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Sunday, May 5, 2013

What Have I been up to?

I have a been up to quite abit lately.
I made this Annie type doll for a showcase I am in this week on Facebook. I love the challenge of showcases. I love to put my creative thinking cap on and look to come up with some One of A Kind type of things... this is my first ever one and I have booked into 4 so far.

The doll above dosent have a name as yet.. I had better put my thinking cap on to come up with that before she goes on sale. The showcase is of a Cartoon Theme for children... there is lots of lovely things that have been created by lots of handcrafters here in New Zealand and Australia. 

We have also been away. 
A friend has a lovely place in Queenstown New Zealand we were able to stay in
We had a lovely time down there

We had beautiful weather and the trees are starting to turn beautiful colours with Autumn

I am an animal lover.
I have also recently become very much in love with fibre art. I love to spin, dye and ply wool. I love to do things with fabric, wool, cotton and embroidery thread together. I have been experimenting. So while we were away I got to pat an Alpaca.. their fleece is so soft and they are the most amazing colours.

I have been spinning abit of Alpaca latley and it is sooo soft and warm.. 

This is a hat I made for a friends little baby due in a few weeks.

This is Sophia with a cute little hat and scarf set.

I made these matching hats for these precious little girls recently. What little cuties they are! 

and in the process of getting stock together for my website I made this newborn dress. This is made from lovely hand-dyed machine washable wool

I had some dyed wool roving left over after I had done some spinning... so I made this cute little rose out of it..... I thought it would be a cute little addition to my beanie hats I am making.

So I have been busy busy... there is alot more to show you but this post would be super long if I did..

Have a great day


Anonymous said...

awesome finishes there Lisa,well done and glad you have enjoyed your holiday.xx

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

You have been very busy! What a sweet doll.

Leonie said...

Gorgeous creations Lisa - and that holiday looks bliss xx

Unknown said...

Oh I am in love with your dollie! She looks like a "Marcy" to me...soooo cute whatever her name. Oooooo!!! Ahhhhhh!!!! You have been very busy and all of your creations are quite lovely! The holiday looks like it is a lovely place to "chill" out...lol. That autumn tree color is brilliant!
Anyhoo, staying tuned to your on goings!

Frederika said...

love your sweet doll.

Lindi said...

Your doll is so cute! Marcy does sound good, or Penny/Pennie.

Cat said...

Happy holidays
Great to see so many creations

Wendy said...

Your new doll is beautiful and I love all your knitting creations. Gorgeous photos of the South Island too!!

Lynn B said...

Your creations are all lovely but I particularly like the Doll, its so cute!

Lynn B

Julia said...

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