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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Cross Stitch

As I mentioned the other day I had recently purchased the Eline Pellinkhof book Stitch and Sew Home, the design above is from this book
I found this Dutch designer about 18months ago and searched the net for her book in English... but it was not available. I was very excited to see that this addition was in English.. I am hoping that she will have other printed in English at some stage... I just love her creativity and the use of different media together.

I had not done cross stitch for quite sometime. I dabbled a little last year for a Santa Sack Swap I took part in making my partner a decoration ...  This was a pattern I purchased from Etsy the shop called The Little Stitcher click HERE to visit her shop, she has some sweet designs. 

 I went to Spotlight, one of our local craft outlets here in New Zealand to look for some White Stitching Paper... I could not find any, so I decided to use plastic... this was not available in white... so I just purchased what they had.

I have a very large stash of threads... being an embroiderer at heart... I have a large bag with all my threads in bagged colour lots... great organisation dont you think! haha  anyhow, I then had to match up the colours with the DMC colours stated in the book... mine are not the same... here is what I used:

RED DMC - 498
DARK PINK (part of a verigated thread)

When I had finished I realised I had to find a way of finishing the project off. Not using paper for the project and using a hard plastic I had to think of a way of doing this... I thought white fabric at the back, stretched over a canvas.... I found a Riley Blake Pink fabric with the co-ordinating lace from the Sew Together range that went perfect with the colours I had chosen.

 So I hand stitched the pink fabric to the plastic, then hand stitched the lace around the edge.

 I then glued the whole picture onto the white fabric that was stretched onto the canvas

 It looks so pretty on the wall in our room

I hope you are having a creative week.....


Cat said...

This is super dooper pretty and you know I LOVE that book I sat down and ordered a copy straight away. Now I use http://www.stitchnz.co.nz/ for all my stitching supplies. She is NZ owned and based in Christchurch hence my loyal support.
Can't wait to see this up on your wall - VERY pretty

Leonie said...

Soo gorgeous Lisa, brilliant idea with the canvas! x

AnitaS said...

I think it looks very pretty. Well done.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

So sweet and delicate.

eline pellinkhof said...

beautiful!!! Glad you like my book :)

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