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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tilda Yumminess and A Thank You

Tilda Yuminess
from the Tilda Ideas Magazine from the UK

A while ago I purchased the new Tilda Home Ideas magazine
click HERE to visit, there are links on this site where you can purchase it.

Today I decided to get sewing and I sewed the kit that was in this magazine.
The above photo is of the purse, two of the cardboard bobbins that were also a free gift in the magazine. I have some Tilda embroidery thread and wound them around them.. just beautiful don't you think?
Behind the bobbins is one of the Tilda paper cut outs I will have in my webshop.. one of my favourite designs
This is the purse made up. The duffle button is just the cutest.
This is made from genuine Tilda fabric.. just love them!
Tilda yumminess!
I just kept clicking away on my camera... 
Just love the colours
Also, Michell from Michell's Place
is my swap partner in the Santa Sack Swap. This is my sack.. I just LOVE it! I just lovvve the fabrics.
Also inside are my two gifts! I find surprises sooo hard.. but I will keep them in there for Christmas Day.
Thanks Michell


retdairyqueen said...

Loving the Tilda things
Great Santa Sack

Cat said...

Tilda Tilda Tilda
I love Tilda

Chris H said...

Tilda certainly is a particular colour/design... very pretty

Leonie said...

I'm not sure how I've managed to miss all these gorgeous posts! Pretty goodies!!!

All Hand-Made Crafts said...

Tilda materials are really very beautiful... unfortunately we don't have it in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

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