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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I've been busy...

I have been asked to take a a workshop in a few weeks for a few ladies.
They want to make a brooch or a hanging heart from felt.
This is the first sample I came up with for them was the brooch in the above photo
I had to make it simple and easy.. hopefully this is simple and easy

A humbug bag for my son.
He needed a pencil case for school. I thought of making him up a humbug bag.. but this one is too small.. 
I made it from the laminated fabric that I will have on my website.
It makes the perfect pencil case fabric... I now have a larger one cut out and ready to go. This will probably get used as a toilet bag for trips away.
My little man's name is Zac.
I made a felt tag for the zip and embroidered his initial on it.
He thought that was rather 'cool' as he has just learnt how to write his name.

On the weekend I purchased a kit to make a gift box.
I love making gift boxes and cards. I love making a gift that little bit special.
The kit contained the cardboard and papers to make these.
They didn't take long to make... I had them made in no time.

When I receive my Tilda papers I will put a tutorial up on how to make them.
They will look just gorgeous made out of Tilda product.

My Tilda product is still in transit... say no more....

and on the weekend when I purchased these kits I listened to a lady talk about 'Declutter"... what a very interesting talk that was. I am a self proclaimed 'messy'. I have been seeking to get myself in order for a number of months. I have been throwing so much away and getting more minimalistic.

What the lady said about a messy is:
She is creative
She is 'task' orientated
She is a perfectionist
She is ambidextrous (can do alot of things at once)

I was rather encouraged .... A messy isnt so bad after all.

In my sewing room I always make a creative mess!

 in the last week I have been busy getting my website sorted.. this is incredibly time consuming. It is taking me alot longer than I had anticipated. In amongst all this I have moved my sewing room from a small room in our living area into a spacious bedroom one of my son's vacated a little while ago...
What a huge mission this has been!! I was SHOCKED at how much stuff I had in my possession!  What is so great is that everything is sorted out.. everything is in its rightful place, my sewing machine has its own little corner... and I have decluttered.. before the declutter talk.. which was great.

Photos of my new room will be coming soon.

Have a great day


Michelle said...

The brooch may be simple and easy but it is also beautiful!
The humbug bags are cute and a great idea for a boy present, love the fabric too...:O)
And I think I must be a 'messy' too, and I really am ambidextrous!

Sarah - Red Gingham said...

Hi Lisa! How exciting that you are opening an online store!!! I know you will have wonderful fabrics in it. Love that little bag, so cute and the fabric is amazing. Oh and the brooch is perfect.

I too am messy but love to declutter. It's quite liberating don't you find? I can't wait to see your sewing room. I guess a child moving out of home has it's good points. Enjoy yourself. xxx

Anonymous said...

your brooch and bag are great lisa,well done.xx

Annie said...

What a nice post - can't wait to see your sewing room :)

Chris H said...

Cute cute cute... as per usual girl!
Messy is good... wonder what a de-clutter'er is like? ME!

Gayle said...

Beautiful Broach, I am sure the ladies will love them. The humbug bag is a great idea for a pencil case.

Wendy said...

Love all your projects, such gorgeous gift ideas! Wendy xx

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