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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Covered Notebook Tutorial

You will need:
A notebook
Craft Glue
Embellishments such as yoyo's, felt, lace etc

Cut the wadding to the size of the whole notebook opened, cover to cover

Glue the front cover of the notebook and press the wadding onto it.

Do the same for the back as pictured above

Cut the fabric slightly larger than the notebook allowing you to fold the fabric over

Cut the corners and the centre of the fabric on the diagonal. Fold over as pictured. Make sure you glue around the edges before folding. Dont use alot of glue
Now is the time to embellish the front with the lace, if that is what you want to do. As you have to have the edged fold over to the inside of the cover as the fabric... the below picture show how to cover up the untidiness of this. If you are going to use a yoyo skip this step.

Glue the front page and the back page as pictured above to the front and back cover of the notebook. 
This will cover up the folded fabric edges

You have completed your notebook... now time to embellish it.

For this notebook I used some lace and some daisies. 
on the below notebook I used a yoyo with a felt base.


Anonymous said...

very cute Lisa,gee you are on a roll today.xx

retdairyqueen said...

Lovely notebooks Great gift idea

tatiana said...

que buena idea
gracias por compartirla

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tute. The covers look great! I'll have to do that with the book where I take notes in Sunday School. =)

Aldina said...

Hi Lisa,
thank you for your lovely tutorial ^.^

Carly said...

This is absolutely such a cute idea. I love the colours!

Leonie said...

Love it - I will be attempting it one of these days!

Michelle said...

Cute and easy I might get my 11 year old making some in the holidays, should keep her busy for a wee while :O)

Blue Lavender said...

Hi Lisa,
Very nice tutorial, this could be a wonderful present for Mother's Day or for teachers, or...anything else, is just so cute and easy to do, thanks for sharing,
Laura :0)

Anonymous said...

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