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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Felt Rose

Well I was pretty excited yesterday 
I was in my stats for Lydias Treasures and I saw a link there that I hadnt seen before
I clicked on it and came to this blog LoveLove

Courtney had used by Felt Rose Tutorial for the clips and hairband she made above.
I just LOVE what she has created. So cute.

This Rose Tutorial of mine has had over 27,000 views. Astounding isnt it!?
I made that rose when I made a mistake on my Phoebe elephant designed by Melly and Me
in the below photo
I had to find a way to cover my mistake.. well necessity is the mother of inventions. 
I created this rose then decided to do the tutorial.

I am amazed at how many visits this cute little rose has had.

Another blogger used this tutorial as well.
This rose is made from an old knited jumper that has been felted.
This blog is Resweater I just love what did with it.

and I have been knitting
The last few days 
This is what Im knitting
Im doing it in a lovely red
I hope to get this finished! but I do get bored LOL! 
It is a cape not a jacket.. just gorgeous I think.

So what are you ladies creating... ?
Have a great day..



Michelle said...

Wow that's a lot of views!!!
I love the cape you are knitting it's going to look fabulous in red, I can just see it now...:O)
How is the new website going?

Anonymous said...

so cute and boy Lisa that is a lot of views.xx

Wendy said...

I agree, that is a lot of views, they are very pretty! I look forward to seeing your knitting at some stage, I feel like knitting but can't decide on what, something little I think!!

CourtneyKeb said...

I thought it was a simple and well explained tutorial! No wonder so many people go back to it! Thanks for sharing with us!! :)

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