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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tilda Sew Along Part 5

Well ladies... my angel is finished!! She is adorable in my eyes! 

Below is the final stage of the Sew Along. 

Sew the two layers of fabric together to form a tube.
Fold over the raw edge and do a gather stitch on your machine.

Gather up

 Sew the pantaloons
Right sides together to make them look like the photo above

Sew the inside seam

Put them on your doll.
Fold over top edge and pin down.
Hand sew them to the doll so they do not come off

Put skirt on your doll
Gather in as much as you can
Pin to the doll
Hand sew the skirt to the doll

Trace wings onto the fabric

Sew through the double thickness leaving the largest round edge
of the wing open

Turn in the right way
Stuff slightly then sew the lines as shown above

Turn the open seam inside the wing
I handstitched them onto the back of the angel gathering them in.
I liked the finished look this gave.. but it is up to you if you want to finish the wings this way

The back of my angel

Now to embellish.
I LOVE embellishing and finishing the things I create.

I made here some little shoes.
These are made with felt on the sole of her foot and a ribbon rose for the top.

Click HERE to take a look at another Tilda doll I made. This gives more of an idea of how to make them. They are very simple and effective.

I added a rosebud to the top right of her dress and off course some ribbon and the crown. I purchased the crown from Puddlecrafts in the UK. Click HERE to visit their website

A closer look

I have really enjoyed putting this Sew Along together.. 
Thank you for taking part.
I would LOVE to see some photos. Please email them to me so I can show them on my blog.
I hope you enjoyed it and have learnt something.

I hope to do another in the future... Maybe not a doll but something else

Have a great week


Michelle said...

She is sew sweet and pretty... I may join in next time!

Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

she is adorable. Well done and am looking forward to seeing other peoples creations

Anonymous said...

well done Lisa she looks great

AnitaS said...

She looks lovely. I have to do some work on my angel and then I will sent you a photo.

Cat said...

she is really lovely

stitchersanon said...

I am inspired and have just had some tilda fabric delivered ready for me to have a go. Thank you: she is lovely

carole johnston said...

She is beautiful as I knew she would be I am so sorry I could not join in this time but I have watched it all..happy sewing and enjoy her.

Wendy said...

Your angel is beautiful, thank you for doing the sew along, I have really enjoyed it. I have just the clothes to finish on mine and then I will email a photo.

Unknown said...

Your Tilda angel is SO adorable! I love everything about her. :)

Blue Lavender said...

Hi Lisa!
Your Tilda angel looks so beautiful and sweet, I also like all the fabrics you choose.
I just finished mine a few minutes ago, but I will post tomorrow with the sunlight. I want to thank you so much for the opportunity to participate in your SAL. I learned a lot from you and no doubt about your tutorial was wonderful and very clear to understand. I had lots of fun and enjoyed it a lot.
Thank you again!
Send you a big hug
Laura =D

Blue Lavender said...

Hey Lisa!
I just posted the pictures of my Tilda angel, come to my blog and see it! I'm still so thrilled about it, thank you so much for the SAL I really enjoyed it a lot, and now that I have this experience, I'm going to make some more.
Have a wonderful day,
Big hug from,
Laura =D

Anonymous said...

your little tilda angel is looking very awesome...i love angels very much..

Unknown said...

Hi, sooooo cute!!!! Thank you from Italy, Emanuela

Unknown said...

very bad

Anonymous said...

Thank you for those good times on your blog. I am often at the station to watch (again and again) those wonderful articles you shared. Really very interesting. All the best !

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