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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tilda Sew Along Doll Part 1

How exciting!! Here is the first post for the much awaited Tilda Sew Along Doll

There are not that many ladies taking part but never mind, this can always be a great reference for people wanting to know techniques for sewing a Tilda Doll.

Glue all patterns onto cardboard and cut out, or as one of the Sew Along ladies suggested use freezer paper. This is a fantastic method... How to: trace pattern pieces onto freezer paper... iron onto the right side of the fabric and sew. The remove the freezer paper... this way you dont get left with drawn lines on you fabric. If you dont know what freezer paper is, this is a special paper used for quilters and is available and quilting shops. It can be used more than once which is a beauty of the product.

Cut two pieces of the top of the dress fabric and two pieces of skin fabric. When cutting these out make sure they will fit the head and shoulders for the skin fabric and the body for the dress fabric.
Sew these together across the top as shown in the photo.

Now place together the head and shoulder pattern piece and the body along the dotted line. Put the sewn pieces wrong sides together.
Make sure where they join is across the top of where the two fabric pieces join. This is going to make the head, shoulders and body of the doll.

Now trace all around the pattern pieces.
Pin the fabric in place so it does not move when you sew.
Now fold the skin fabric in two and trace the pattern pieces on to the fabric. 
Sew around the trace lines.. these are the sewing lines. Make sure that the bottom of the body, the top of the arms and the top of the legs are kept open, as we need to turn the pieces in the right way.

Now cut a little out from the sewing line. all the way around every piece.

That is all your pattern pieces ready for next week when we will turn and stuff.

Happy sewing and any questions I am happy to answer.


Unknown said...

I do love the Tilda doll and I've a bit of Tilda fabric; tomorrow won't be too late to make my doll (I do it a bit different - using freezer paper) and add my process to my blog and maybe link to yours? Will that be okay? Those dolls are so darn cute and this will make me get a couple made...

Anonymous said...

looking good Lisa

sunny said...

I'll get started tomorrow! I need to add the button to my blog, too.

stefyfor said...

So lovely.
Thanks for pattern.

☼ Carolina ☼ said...

♥♥ * * ♥♥

Blue Lavender said...

Hello Lisa!
I stared today to make my Tilda doll, I cut the patterns and the fabric, so, I guess I'm doing it right so far. Thanks for your email. I took some pictures and I'm going to post it in my blog, I'll let you know as soon as I upload the pics.
Thanks and have a wonderful week.
Best regards,
Laura =)

Wendy said...

Thank you Lisa for this helpful post. I hope to start mine on Friday or in the weekend. Thanks for the inspiration!

Debbie said...

Thank you so much Lisa, I am a little stuck on how to sew the arms, I love the photo's.Looking forward to next time.

Frieda said...

Thank you for this beautiful patron, i'dd like to make one

Greatings Frieda

Linda Lambertson said...

I printed out this pattern. But it looks very small. Am I suppose to enlarge it some how or just use the pattern as is?

olguina said...

excelente, limpio y muy pulido su trabajo. Estoy haciendo algunas y puedo decir que para no tener conocimientos basicos en modisteria no me quedan mal, mejorare cada dia y lo mas importante es que cuento con la inspiracion y amor que me proporciona el bello arte de usar las manos para crear..Podria ser esta muneca de cualquier tamano, o tiene realmente algunas especificaciones standard?Sus instrucciones son de gran ayuda..gracias...so long....

Unknown said...

Hi Lydia s. I love all the Tilda doll. Your sew along look great,but how or where do I get the pattern please. If I am being obtuse I am sorry. Gillian

Unknown said...

Please let me know where I can get hold of further parts to the Tilda sew along.
I know it was a long time ago but I would love to make some Tilda dolls and part 1 is great!

Vetha Sampathkumar said...

Mam where can I get the pattern ?

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